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History & DMA

In 1979 the Montezuma Dolores County Metropolitan Recreation District was formed under Title 32 regulations with the State of Colorado, as a special district formed solely for the purpose of TV Translator and FM Translator service. The district receives .777 of a mill for support from all real property taxed within our district.

The district changed its name to Southwest Colorado Television Translator Association to better reflect our purpose for formation.

Prior to 1979 it was known as the Four Corners TV Club. Donations were encouraged and the recommended donation was $18.00 per home per year. The signals were brought in from Albuquerque and with the club being the only tv around, (no cable or satellite in those days), homes had a choice of about 4 stations and the reception and reliability wasn't the best.

Designated Market Area

The DMA for Montezuma county is Albuquerque.

The DMA for Dolores county is Denver.

The DMA for San Juan County, UT is Salt Lake City.

DMA's are chosen by what the majority of viewers watch and what stations they watch. If the majority of viewers watch Albuquerque, then the DMA is Albuqerque. The only way for a DMA to change is for more viewers to watch out of market signals during the Nielsen ratings sweeps which are held 4 times a year.

If you know other history facts about the Four Corners TV Club, please feel free to write us so that we may insert additional history.